1. Valldemossa September 2015

    Valldemossa is a small village on the island of Majorca, the largest part of Balearic Islands. The famous landmark of this village, besides floral decoration on the facades, is Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa (La Cartuja de Valldemossa) from the beginning of the 14 century. It was founded as a royal residence and later converted into a monastery. The Monastery existed until 1835. The Spanish government confiscated monastery and sold the buildings to private owners. In Monastery stayed some Distinguished artist such as composer Frederic Chopin und writer George Sand. Because of beauty and excellent geographical location in mountains, the whole village is for century’s magnet for writers, composers and painters. Some of them were lived here, some were only tourists. During my visit I met the Russian painters A. Sorokin and his lovely wife S.Sherbina. I was fascinated with beautiful paintings and affability of this couple.

  2. Gardens of the World Dezember 2014

    This park is located in Marzahn, part of Berlin and contains 9 gardens that represent some of World countries. The Chinese “Garden of the Reclaimed Moon”, the Balinese “Garden of the Three Harmonies”, the Japanese “Garden of Merging Water”, the Oriental “Garden of the Four Streams”, the Korean “Seoul Garden”, the Karl Foerster Perennial Garden, the Italian Renaissance Garden, the Christian Garden, and maze and a labyrinth(examples of European garden art). Gardens were designed by architect from these countries and built from original materials. Several gardens are special gift to Berlin from other cities such as Seoul Garden. A couple of them consist of several parts with ponds, houses, landscapes, exotic plants. I couldn't decide between Chinese and Oriental garden which one is my favorite. Definitely, the whole park is worth of visiting.

  3. Festival of Lights November 2014

    In October 2014, Festival of Lights celebrated 10 years since the first event. During the festival, the most popular buildings and sightseeings in Berlin becoming the backgrounds for light art and video projections. This carnival last one or two weeks and has many visitors from all around the Europe. Mostly photographers and other artist come here to find inspiration. This year, the theme of happening was “Colours of Joy”. Berlin organized many special sub-events during this two weeks, where all the monuments and buildings were colorfully illuminated.

  4. Belgrade Historical Sights Oktober 2014

    This time I want to show one of the oldest cities in Europe - Belgrade. I won’t write here the evolution of Belgrade or details about city, simply because I need so much space and time for such great history and rich heritage. On the first sight, you can see modern cafes, restaurants and beautiful girls, but deep, under this modern cover, there are more interesting adventures and historical events. Below are the pictures that represent mostly Kalemegdan Fortress, the oldest area of Belgrade and the other historical sightseenigs. The most famous story, that came on my mind recently, is about Noon Bell in all Christian churches and the siege of Belgrade. Certainly the most interesting and my favorite is Legend of Attila’s grave under the fortress, where the river Sava meets the Danube. This pictures should encourage you for further research.

  5. Modern Architecture in Berlin September 2014

    Berlin, the city full of contrasts. I want to show some modern buildings and very interesting architecture. After the fall of Berlin Wall, many new buildings were raised in this beautiful new born metropolis. They were built in the last 20 years. You can often see huge cranes wherever you look. It can be very annoying. But, after only a few months, instead of cranes and reconstruction area there appear magnificent buildings. These buildings are mostly located near the river Spree in different districts of the City. Some of them are Government residences, hotels or business offices. All of them have in common, that they are beautiful and have futuristic look.

  6. Botanicactus August 2014

    Botanicactus is one of the largest botanical garden in Europe, and certainly the biggest tropical garden. The garden was opened on May 20. 1989. on Mallorca, Balearic Island. The area of Ses Salines on the south of the island is very dry and sunny and suitable for tropical plants especially cacti. It contains 50 000 sq m of different tropical vegetation like palms, eucalyptus trees, almond, olive, pomegranate and many others. Beautiful cacti left an incredible impression on me. Although I was there in March, it was very warm and some of cacti were flourished. The colors are vivid and lure eyes on them as you can see on these pictures. Amazing, isn’t it?!

  7. Carnival of Cultures Juli 2014

    The Carnival of Cultures has been celebrating since 1966 and it is every year on Pentecost (Whitsun) weekend. It takes place in Kreuzberg, Berlin. This year the main street parade was on Pentecost Sunday, 8. June. A lot of costumes, powerful makeups, masks and ritual dances represented the cultural dissimilarity of great City. Plenty places with interesting food and exotic drinks lure many visitors. This year I was part of this festival and I am happy to share excellent impressions.

  8. Schwerin Palace Juni 2014

    Schwerin is the capital of the German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This little city lies on several lakes and the largest is, the Schwerin Lake. The most important landmark of the city is the Schwerin Palace, located on the island in the lake with the same name. This palace was for centuries, the residence of the Dukes of Mecklenburg and today is the seat of the state parliament. Current palace was built between 1845 and 1857, and has a nickname "Neuschwanstein of the North.” The Royal garden has many flowers, birds and interesting small bridges.